Automated Gates

Automated electric gates allow the comfort of feeling secure whilst both at home or away from home. They can be customised to suit the taste of any home owner using wrought iron, wooden, swing or sliding gates giving a property a personalised touch while increasing property value.
Choosing the correct gate automation is key and obvious factors such as size, weight, environment, usage and safe design are just a few to be considered in order to provide a robust and reliable system.
We have used Faac automation systems for over 20 years and there is a simple explanation why. Quality and reliability. 

Faac S800 Hydraulic 24V Hydraulic Below ground system.

For residential and light commercial for up to 4m maximum leaf length and 800KG. Built in anti crush features and force limited by 24V control board and absolute encoder. Self locking up to 2m wide, come in 100 degree and 180 degree version. An excellent option for fully enclosed gates.

Faac 770 mechanical 24V  Below ground system.

The 770 24V motor is designed for residential gates, self locking up to 2m and up to 3.5M with a locking device fitted. Maximum gate weight of up to 500KG and can be fitted with opening and closing stops. Force limitation controlled via the control board virtual encoder system. 

Faac S450 Hydraulic 24V Hydraulic Above ground system.

The S450 hydraulic is designed for residential application and for gates up to 2m and 3m with a locking device fitted. It has built in stops and force limitation control via the control board and absolute encoder. Suitable for gates steel box sectional pillars.