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 FAAC XT2 868 SLH LR white  £30.00 incl.VAT    -Full step by step programming instructions -Technical support to set up your remote  -Call us if you need advise on which remote to purchase
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Faac 950N2 Swing door

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Faac 950N2 Swing door complete with a Motorised Emergency exit push bar. It is activated via disabled Push pads inside and out.The Faac 950N2 is capable to accommodate doors up to 1400mm in width.It is compliant with EN16005 European Standard.It can also be installed on almost all types of internal and external doors and can be mounted either side for both push or pull doors.The operator is designed for use on left or right hand doorsThe door operator has quiet operation during opening and closing and a silent hold open feature.The MPS processor board provides real-time control of the operator’s activities and the encoder detects the position of the door at all times. Price?????For more information on this product or if you would like to order this, please click the…
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