Swinging Gates

It is very important to have the correct system installed, at NDAutomation we take into consideration whether it’s private or commercial with a usage of 20 times a day to 200, mechanical or hydraulic, 230volt or 24volt and the aesthetics. We have over 15 years of experience in gate automation and as such you can rest assured that what ever system we will advise the most suitable.

The most popular type of swing gate automation for private applications is the Under Ground type, this is discretely hidden below the ground and does not obstruct the aesthetic look of the gate. It is not always the case that this type can be fitted as this depends on the general layout, parameters of the gates , posts and preferred operation of the gates. Below is the most popular below and above ground systems we supply and install. there are a lot of other options available which we can advise further to a site visit.

Underground Automation

Faac 770 24volt Mechanical

For residential gates with leaves up to 2.5m and 500kg per leaf. Reverses on obstacle detection. Soft start and deceleration. Optional battery backup ensuring operation during power cut ( 15 cycles max) and manual override.

Faac S800 24volt Hydraulic

For residential and apartments blocks for leaves up to 4m and 800kg. Continuous use operation. Reverses on obstacle detection.
Soft start and deceleration and battery back up as above. (faac S800 image)

Aboveground Automation

Faac S418 24volt mechanical

For gates up to 2.7m wide per leaf.

Faac S450 24volt Hydraulic

For gates up to 3m wide per leaf