Automatic Doors

NDAutomation supply, install, upgrade and maintain a wide range of automatic door systems including glass Bi-parting sliding doors, Swing doors, Telescopic doors, Balance doors, Revolving doors, Hermetic doors and Anti-Break in Security doors.
Automatic doors come with many advantages including safety, energy consumption, heat retention and security. That’s why many commercial property owners have installed automatic door systems in almost every part of their building.
FAAC A1000 Sliding door system
Its compact dimensions make the Faac A1000 suitable for virtually any type of architectural environment, even where space is very limited. All the most innovative technical features are contained in just a few centimetres. The A1000 series can be adapted to sliding single doors with a maximum weight of 110KG or double doors with a maximum weight of 70KG per leaf.
The A1000 is automatically reliable and without limits to the frequency of use and in the event of a power failure the charge-monitored batteries guarantee 100% operation for thirty minutes.
Designed in compliance with European standard EN 16005 and able to meet the most stringent safety requirements.
Power Supply
230 Vac
Absorbed Power
100 W
Drive unit
24Vdc motor with encoder
Leaf Speed
Adjustable 5 to 70cm/sec
Free Passage Width
700mm to 3000mm
Max Leaf Weight

FAAC A1400 Sliding door systems.

For single doors weighting up to a maximum of 200KG or double doors with a maximum weight of 120KG per leaf.
The A1400 perfectly optimises door opening and closing times, to limit energy loss within the building. This is done to limit the consumption of energy of the air-conditioning and heating systems creating economic savings and a reduction in polluting emissions.
The FAAC A1400 has the ability to accommodate the Faac’s patented Airslide system. This system combines the automatic opening and air curtain system into a single unit with obvious aesthetics and functional advantages.

The Old Mill Door Specifics

The Old Mill project is automated with Faac 950N2 Swing door complete with a Motorised Emergency exit push bar. It is activated via disabled Push pads inside and out.

The Faac 950N2 is capable to accommodate doors up to 1400mm in width.

It is compliant with EN16005 European Standard.

It can also be installed on almost all types of internal and external doors and can be mounted either side for both push or pull doors.

The operator is designed for use on left or right hand doors

The door operator has quiet operation during opening and closing and a silent hold open feature.

The MPS processor board provides real-time control of the operator’s activities and the encoder detects the position of the door at all times.

FAAC 950N2 Swinging door.

Swing Door Electro- Mechanical Operator for leaf doors weighing up to 360KG. The 950N2 can be installed on most types of internal and external doors. and can be mounted either side for push or pull doors.
Quiet operation and silent hold open feature it has three functions: Automatic, Hold Open and Manual/Off.
Anti-crushing safety device active during opening and closing , Push & Go selected with dip switch and 
Anti Wind feature ensures the closing of door leaf in strong wind conditions with selectable closing force.
Manual operation in the case of power failure, adjustment trimmer for opening and closing speeds and hold open times. The 950N2 Can cover widths up to 3m. There are two styles of housing available.

FAAC 951 Internal Swinging door system.

The A951 controls doors up to a maximum weight of 100KG and 1100mm wide on continuous duty. Opening and closing with silent and smooth operation, it allows users to easily open doors via a button, sensor or a remote control. It can be installed on the lintel or directly on the structure of the doors, giving flexibility for ease of installation. Double leaf entrances can be automated using master/slave configuration.

Manufactured in compliance with EN16005, the A951 automated system can operate in low energy or manage EN16005 radar monitoring such as the new laser scanner.

FAAC Air Telescopic 2 Sliding Door System

The FAAC A1400 AIR Telescopic is the perfect way to maximise the door opening width for narrow passageways, providing the best solution where space is limited. Its compact design offers a solution suitable for those high traffic areas, such as Shopping Centres, Airports and Hospitals.

The A1400 AIR Telescopic has all the benefits of the revolutionary “Energy Saving Feature” that you have come to expect from a market leader in automation. The A1400 AIRT is available in both single and bi-parting door format.