Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a great solution for limited space entrances, for creating a bigger parking area and also to solve the problem of sloping or uneven driveways.

There 2 types of sliding gates:

  • Track system : the gate runs along a track system concreted into the ground.
  • Cantilever : the rail is fixed to the gate structure which slides over two carriage assemblies. It requires a slightly greater length of bottom section than a traditional sliding gate with which runs on a rail, but it offers great advantages in terms of maintenance and duration performances.

FAAC 740-741: Sliding gate operator for residential gates with a max weight of 500Kg (740) and 900Kg (741). The 740 model is also available in a 24 volt version allowing 72 cycles per hour on a 5m gate.

FAAC 746: For gates up to 50m long weighing up to 600Kg. With a Z16 pinion it can operate 40 cycles per hour, with a Z20 pinion it can carry out 50 cycles per hour on a 5m gate.

FAAC 844: Single phase unit for gates up to 40m long weighing up to 1800Kg. Or 3-phase for gates up to 2200kg.

FAAC 884: A 3-phase unit for gates up to 35m long weighing up to 3500Kg. It can operate 36 cycles per hour on a 5m gate at the maximum weight.